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单向的;单行道的;单程的 a one-way ticket 单程票 2. 单方面的

1.一种方法。 2.单行,单方面的。比如one-way permit to HK and Maco,译为港澳单行通行证。

区别: one way of-----(做某事的)其中一种办法,表示从属关系 one way for----对于某人或者某事的一种办法,表示目的、指向关系

make one‘s way让步;成功/前进,前往,行进 Fall in one's way 被……得到;让遇到;为……力所能及 force one's way. 挤冲出一条路 go one's way 行走;继续 be on one's way 上路;离开 set in one's ways 死心眼, 脾气固执 beat one's way [美俚...

歌曲:《One Way》 所属专辑:Ultimate Worship 演唱者:Hillsong 作曲:Douglass, Houston 歌词: I lay my life down at Your feet Cause You're the only one I need I turn to You and You are always there In troubled times it's You I s...

单程通行证 Holders of one - way permit from the mainland ; and持单程通行证由内地来港人士;及 2. Also known as one - way permit持前往港澳通行证(亦称单程通行证) 3. For new arrivals holding one - way permit can submit the applicat...


one way manova 单向方差分析


on one`s way to和make one's way两个短语的意思,用法都不一样,on one`s way to是介词短语,在句中作状语。make one's way在句中作谓语。具体分析如下: on one's way to:往…去的路上。 例句: He is on his way to his school. 他在上学的...

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